lambda fairy’s sexy sinecraft dot net page

Hi friend! I’m lambda fairy. I code, tell stories, and make music!

Code-wise, I’m interested in type systems and language-theoretic security.

Writing-wise, I like to talk about technology and how it affects people.

Music-wise, I compose classical-esque miniatures for the piano (the instrument I play). I’ve also been studying microtonal theory, and hope to do something cool with it soon.


Cutie Mark Crusaders Classical Composers Yay!

First movement. Second movement.

A sonatina for piano, inspired by Muzio Clementi and the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’ll write the third movement some day.

Coördinated Universal Time – a story about leap seconds… and the end of the world.

Irrational Exuberance

Stonks! Bush fairies! Tragicomedy!

Rust’s fatal flaw

If there were an iceberg meme for the programming language theory community, this would be down the bottom, right next to “RIIR food cart”.

Loading! home page

I cleaned up Jamie’s code and added a wave effect. Despite the retro look, its code is very modern—one of the features it uses was added in 2020! Old style, new tech… digital fusion?